Tuesday 23 January 2024

Erik's New Job part 3

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Part 2: https://jamiesballbusts.blogspot.com/2024/01/eriks-new-job-part-2.html 

Erik's chiseled chest heaved a deep sigh... sweat glistened over his shaking muscles. He looked up to meet Jane's gaze, looking at her like a puppy looks at its owner. His impressive cock pointed skyward, dripping precum continuously as the waves of pain from his skewered ball rippled through his toned body. 

"What shall we do now Erik?" Jane said as she admired the distinctly male pain he was experiencing. 

Erik opened his mouth to speak but found himself at a loss for words. All he could do was look down at his battered manhood and then look up at her. 

Jane grabbed the boy's fragile right nut and lifted it up. 

He winced as when she moved it the pain from the skewers intensified. 

"I've always wanted to do this to a boy... especially one with balls as big and juicy as yours." She said softly, she then looked at Erik's hanging left ball. 

"The left one looks so left out.." She said frowning, she let go of his right ball letting it fall back onto the bed. 

He inhaled sharply as she proceeded to pick up his left ball and cradle it in her hands. She licked her lips and grinned down at Erik.

Her hands then tightened around his left ball as she squeezed his plump manhood with all her might. 

Erik threw his head back as he bucked his hips into her. "fuckkkkkk" he groaned as he felt his left ball be mercilessly squeezed by the older woman. 

"I can't believe your balls are still relatively intact.." She said as she released his left ball momentarily. "Don't worry though, we will change that soon" She cooed. 

She squeezed his left ball once again but somehow she mustered even more strength than before. 

Erik gritted his teeth as he tried his best to fight the urge to squeal and cry. 

"Don't hold back your tears darling... seeing a strong man like you cry makes this all the more fun for me" 

Hearing this Erik let out a deep sigh as the tears came flooding out of his eyes. 

"Oooh you poor thing" Jane said as a devilish grin spread across her face. Her soft hands tightened around his manhood once more causing the even more tears to flow from Erik's piercing blue eyes. 

After savoring the pain he was in for a few minutes she let go of his now extremely swollen balls and took a step back, she walked around each side of the bed and undid his restraints. 

"Up!" She commanded, at first Erik was confused but after a second he understood what she was saying, Erik got to his feet and wobbled a bit, he hadn't had to stand in a minute and the pain from his balls was making it hard. 

"Come here" Jane commanded as she walked over to a large wooden table, it was a low to the ground coffee table made from thick and sturdy oak. 

She grabbed her camera and positioned it right in front of the table at level with the tabletop. 

She then climbed on top of the table and stood there in her heels. 

"Come kneel in front" She said to Erik motioning for him to kneel behind her. 

He did as he was told and shakily kneeled on the ground. 

"Now rest your balls on the table" She said looking down at him. 

He obliged but stopped midway when the skewers in his right ball proved to be too painful for him. 

"Oh I forgot about those" Jane said flippantly as she reached down and unceremoniously ripped them both out of his heavy ball. 


Erik screeched as the metal skewers were ripped from his heavy right ball. 

"Sorry darling... had to be done" She said. "Now... balls on the table" 

He listened and gently set his balls on the table. Jane made sure the camera was recording and turned around to face him, she pulled the tight thong she was wearing to the side and exposed her bare cunt to Erik. 

"I'm sure a good boy like you knows what to do" She said as she maneuvered her hips to be face level with him. 

He quickly went to work burying his face in her crotch and lapping up her tight pussy. 

Jane moaned and ran her fingers through the boys blonde hair.

She then lifted her feet one at a time and stepped onto his swollen balls. 

Erik groaned into her cunt as she pressed more of her weight onto his balls but this only egged her on, the more he groaned and moaned the more weight she put onto his fragile balls, before she knew it she was baring down her full weight onto his manhood. 

"Fuck!" She exclaimed as she ground her crotch into Erik's face even harder, her juices drenching his face. 

Erik's impressive cock rubbed between Jane's ankles and soon had both of them slick with his precum, his pink tip leaking copious amounts of precum all over the table. 

She hopped up and down slightly eliciting a deep and guttural groan from the boy.  

Realizing her weight on both balls wouldn't do the trick she shifted both of her feet onto just his bloated and mangled right ball. 

As soon as she shifted all of her weight onto his right ball the boy let out a girlish squeal. and started frantically shaking his head. As he shook his head this only brought Jane closer and closer to orgasm and soon she was full on riding the boys face. 


His right ball began to give way underneath the weight of Jane's feet and soon Jane found herself standing a few inches shorter. 


Finally Erik's right ball gave way and popped underneath Jane's foot. 

Erik squealed and screamed, abandoning all signs of manliness as he felt his manhood be ruined.

Just then the heel of Janes shoe snapped and caused her to tumble down onto the table ass first. 


She had landed directly onto Erik's plump left ball and with nothing but solid wood underneath it caused it to pop. 

Erik's eyes widened as wide as they'd ever gone as he felt himself be fully emasculated. 

Jane looked at what she had done with a mix of amusement and horror as she quickly got up. 

She looked down to see Erik's now mush filled sac nearly flat on the table. 

"Wow..." she whispered under her breath, just then Erik's momentous cock erupted in a shower of semen and the remnants of his massive balls. 

Erik's eyes rolled into the back of his head as his body shook violently, his cock shooting rope after rope of his seed everywhere. 

Erik slumped back onto the ground and Jane watched in awe as his cock blew what must've been the biggest load she had ever seen. 

After Erik's orgasm finally subsided and the boy's body went still, Jane made her way to the camera and shut it off. She looked at the boy laying on her floor and decided that after all that she deserved a margarita. She slipped out of her broken shoes and made her way to her lavish kitchen. 

She saw her gardener out the window and admired his toned physique under the hot summer sun. 

"Hey David!" She shouted out the window. 

"The boy looked up and instantly his eyes trained on her cleavage. 

"When you have a minute I have a job for you darling!" She said waving him in. 

Little did he know what he was getting himself into.  

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Erik's New Job part 3

 Part 1: https://jamiesballbusts.blogspot.com/2022/09/eriks-new-job.html  Part 2: https://jamiesballbusts.blogspot.com/2024/01/eriks-new-job...

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